Online Gaming

Expand your global player base by employing swift, compliance-oriented verification methods that effectively identify and eliminate fraudulent activities. An effective identity verification system has the potential to simplify the user registration process, allowing new gamers to establish accounts swiftly and securely.

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Verified players from around the globe are onboarded Enhance the user experience to welcome more players

Maintain a high pass rate and revenue Verify at the right time according to the user journey

Ensure compliance and fraud prevention Develop a strong reputation among regulators, partners, and clients

Level Up your Security: A Guide To Identity protection In Online Gaming

At KYC UK, we understand the significance of identity verification in the gaming industry. Complying with legal requirements to verify customer age is crucial, especially when customers are not physically present. To combat identity theft and prevent underage access to age-restricted video games, gaming companies must integrate comprehensive identity verification solutions into their systems. Our advanced solutions help mitigate risks and combat fraud by detecting identity, device, location, and activity-based fraud.

Solutions for identity verification in the following cases:
  • Onboarding a new client
  • Processing credit card payments
  • viewing age-restricted material
Quickly and effectively Onboarding.
Eliminate payment time delay
Seamless ID Verification Solution.

Avoid Problems With Compliance And Fraud

At KYC UK, we prioritise your organisation's financial security and reputation by providing top-notch KYC solutions. Our user-friendly verification processes are fully compliant with your regulatory standards, offering robust protection against fraud attempts and safeguarding your earnings. Choose KYC UK as your trusted partner in combating fraud. Our secure and efficient KYC solutions empower your business to stay ahead of fraudulent activities, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your operations. Rest assured, with KYC UK, your business is protected and compliant.

Accelerated User Onboarding

Streamlining the customer onboarding process becomes effortless with the implementation of KYC UK's cutting-edge identity verification technologies. By integrating our advanced solutions, users will experience a smoother and quicker sign-up process, leading to a reduction in abandoned accounts. Avoid the mounting costs of marketing efforts that may go to waste due to a prolonged and unwelcoming onboarding experience, which could potentially drive away valuable new customers. With KYC UK's industry-leading KYC platform providers and solution providers, you can ensure a seamless onboarding journey for your customers, eliminating the risk of losing potential clients due to time-consuming procedures. Embrace our trusted solutions to maximise the return on your marketing investments and foster sustainable business growth.