How Video KYC Solutions Help UK Companies Stay Compliant?

Video KYC for UK Companies

Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are crucial for businesses to stay compliant and mitigate identity fraud & theft. In the UK, regulatory bodies like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), implement stringent KYC and AML compliance for financial businesses to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion, economic crimes, and other illicit financing. Traditional KYC methods are a cost & time-consuming process and require in-person identity verification.

The Evolution of KYC:

Digital KYC solutions are essential for efficient and smooth client onboarding process for UK companies. Digital KYC is a faster process as compared to the traditional KYC process and doesn’t require in-person identity verification. It allows businesses to seamless client onboarding with an accurate identity verification result. It not only saves time but also reduces operational costs.

Digital KYC solutions are leveraged with cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that help to identify suspicious activities related to money laundering and other illegal activities. It gives a red alert for the organization to take action against the suspicious identity. Video KYC is an advanced verification method that helps businesses with real-time identity verification.

Video KYC for UK Companies

Video KYC?

Video KYC is an identity verification process with a live agent on a video call. Live Agent verifies the identity of the customer by their KYC ID documents on the video call. As the liveness detection feature of video KYC solution helps to identify the liveness of the customer. Video KYC helps banks, financial institutes, fintech, and insurance sectors. These are economic sectors of every country where client onboarding is a regular requirement. Video KYC solution assist during the onboarding process for identity verification and even after the onboarding for real-time identity verification.

There are multiple benefits of video KYC solutions for UK Companies, as they are:

Ensure Compliance:

Video KYC solutions help to authenticate identities according to UK regulatory standards and prevent legal proceedings for non-compliance. KYC helps to prevent regulatory fines and allows for smooth business operations. It helps organizations and companies to stay compliant.

Real-time Identity Verification:

Video KYC featured liveness detection and facial recognition along with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and AI technology. It helps with real-time identity verification for companies that help with background screening of the onboarded client. If any illegal activity is detected then it gives a red flag and companies can take action according to the business risk.

Prevent Financial Fraud:

Video KYC authenticates identities on a video call that helps to face matching with government-issued Photo ID cards quickly. It also helps businesses like insurance, where insurance purchasing and insurance maturity both are operations that are complete with video KYC solutions. It ensures that a policyholder is a person who purchased an insurance policy from the insurance company during the maturity time. Therefore, it helps to recognize the real identity and prevent the fraudsters that from try to claim the insurance policy using fraud ID documents.

Build Trust:

KYC helps to recognize real identities for companies and ensure fraud-free business transactions, that assist in enhancing the reputation in the market. It builds the trust of new investors, clients, and vendors. If any company’s name comes in any illegal activities then it spoils the reputation in the digital world and that may also impact the business growth. Therefore, trust is paramount for financial and non-financial businesses. KYC solutions help to build trust and enhance reputation.

Secure Business:

By implementing cutting-edge KYC solutions, companies and organizations can be sure of genuine business identities that assist in safe and secure business transactions in the digital world. Video KYC ensures genuine identities accurately and UK companies can safeguard their business from fraudsters.

Streamline Client Onboarding:

Video KYC solution streamlines the client onboarding for financial and non-financial firms and allows multiple identity verification at the same time. It assists in the quick and secure client onboarding process for UK businesses.

Cost Efficiency:

By automated KYC process businesses can significantly reduce operational costs as compared with manual verification which is a time-consuming, costly, and in-person verification process.


In the evolving regulatory landscape of the UK, cutting-edge KYC solutions are really important for companies and organizations to stay compliant and combat identity fraud and risk. KYC solutions assist UK companies in improving the customer onboarding process, building trust, enhancing reputation, fraud prevention, and strong security systems. By choosing the right KYC provider, safeguard your business from fraudsters and money launderers. It will help your business to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive world. Investing in technology and innovation always secures the future with business growth.